Not all Christians are alike: ‘Next Fall’ is a story about a gay couple, but it’s not what most audiences might expect.

The Kansas City Star

Geoffrey Nauffts wants to sucker punch you.

At the moment, the playwright is keeping an eye on regional productions of his “Next Fall,” a 2010 hit on and off-Broadway, especially those in theaters down south.

The reason, Nauffts said in an interview from Los Angeles, is that his dramedy, which opens this week at the Unicorn Theatre, is a play about a gay relationship unlike others theatergoers have encountered. The lovers — Adam and Luke — are as different as night and day in one crucial way: Adam is an atheist and Luke’s a Christian.

Charles Fugate, left, and Rusty Sneary in "Next Fall" (Susan Pfannmuller/Kansas City Star)

It happens to be one of the most-produced plays in regional theater companies this year and he’s curious to see how it plays in the Bible Belt.

“I’m interested to see how it goes,” he said. “So far there haven’t been any bomb threats or buses full of protesters parked outside theaters.”

“Next Fall” seems to be one or those rare plays that poses a legitimate moral and philosophical question: How do we reconcile religious beliefs with the way we really are? Read the rest at

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